What We Do

We educate the public about the reality of the swim with dolphins experience that are widely available from travel agents on the UK high street.

We campaign against travel companies who promote and profit from the captive sea animal industry that is a disaster for the animals and destructive to the environment.

Dolphin Free UK



Thomas Cook keep referring to the ABTA guidelines and their much heralded ʻnew animal welfare policy’. A statement from the CEO was issued in response to growing customer concerns regarding the wellbeing of wild animals being utilised in entertainment businesses, particularly cetaceans in captivity.

All over the world dolphins languish in tanks. Often stolen from the wild in horrific captures or captive bred via abusive reproduction programmes only beneficial to the captivity industry. Dolphins are maintained hungry to make them easier to control and they exist in this enslaved stasis to entertain tourists.

Dolphins are incredibly intelligent, sentient beings and Thomson’s ‘swim with dolphin experiences’ are promoted as harmless fun for both humans and dolphins, but in fact the very opposite is the case. These experiences are cruel and unnatural. Each year, hundreds of dolphins are often stolen from the wild to supply the demand.


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