All over the world dolphins languish in tanks. Often stolen from the wild in horrific captures or captive bred via abusive reproduction programmes only beneficial to the captivity industry.

Travel corporations like Thomas Cook are ignoring and glossing over the cruel reality of their ‘swim with dolphins’ activities and holidays. Ignoring growing international outrage, the world’s leading experts and growing evidence on the issue they are quietly peddling and profiting whilst dolphins, sea lions and manatees suffer and die.

The scandal of sea animal capture and captivity is an international trade that is connected all over the world. Thomas Cook are as complicit as the capturer in the water at the drive hunt in Japan, as the business man who imports the animal, or the trainer who sexually abuses the dolphin for the ‘reproduction programme’.

They are selling a nightmare for dolphins as a ‘dream’ for tourists.

  • Capture is traumatic and evidence shows dolphins die prematurely and do not thrive in captivity.
  • Animals are being kept in tiny tanks with no shade in barren environments with insufficient enrichment.
  • Animals are maintained hungry to keep them well behaved and then perform tricks for food.
  • They are trained and forced to undergo painful medical procedures. • They are forcibly separated from their babies, sometimes too whilst the baby is too young.
  • Injured and pregnant dolphins continue to be worked.
  • Animals are extremely stressed when routinely removed from the water and transported between facilities.
  •  The daily constant human interaction and loud noise levels are stressful for the animals.
  • Adjusting regularly to new individuals and environments is unnatural for them.
  • Aggression between animals is common and and aggression towards humans sometimes occurs.
  • Animals are known to be being kept in conditions akin to “storage”.

We call on Thomas Cook  to stop promoting and selling cruel dolphin shows. #DropTheDolphins